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Process Overview

All Rutgers advertising must be reviewed by the Department of University Communications and Marketing through its Office of Strategic Communications with the exception of:

  • job postings
  • legal notices
  • classified advertisements
  • advertisements in campus media

Approvals will be made in collaboration with the Rutgers–Newark Office of Communications and Camden Campus Communications Office, as appropriate.

Follow these steps to submit your advertisement for review:

Step 1 – Read and Review

Read the instructions for the Review Request Form, and use the checklist to make sure you have the information required to complete the form.

Step 2 – Complete the Form

For each type of advertisement (e.g., radio, television, print) you want reviewed, complete an online Review Request Form by providing:

  • your contact information
  • placement and advertisment information
  • a PDF version of the advertisement

    If you are submitting the same advertisement to multiple outlets of the same type, for example, an advertisement that will run in the Star-Ledger and the New York Times, you only need to submit the form once.

    • After completing your first advertisement, select “Save and Add Another Advertisement.” (If you select this option, a new Review Request Form will appear with your most recent contact information.)

Step 3 – Submit Your Request

Once you have completed the form for all media outlets:

  • select “Save and Complete Request”
  • review the confirmation information
  • revise your request by selecting “Edit” (if necessary)
  • select “Confirm” to generate a confirmation receipt

Note: Submit your request at least five business days in advance of the deadline for submission.

Step 4 – Print Your Confirmation Receipt

Print a copy of the confirmation receipt page with your reference number for your records.

Advertisements will be reviewed to ensure compliance with university advertising policy [PDF]. Approval or recommendations for revisions and/or placement will be sent within five business days from the time the advertisement is submitted for review.

Step 5 – Place Your Advertisment

Once your advertisement has been approved by the Department of University Communications and Marketing, you can send it to the appropriate media outlet.