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Review Request Form Instructions

Before You Begin

Review the checklist of required information before you begin the Review Request Form. The person responsible for placing the advertisement should submit the Review Request Form.

Contact Information

  • Fill in your name, email address, and phone number.
  • Complete the Department/Unit/Center, School/College, and Campus fields for the advertisement rather than your office location.
  • Fill in “Creator of Advertisement.” 
  • Select “Submit.”

Advertisement Information

  • Fill in the “Advertisement Title,” “Audience(s) Targeted,” and “Goals of the Advertisement.”
  • If your advertisement is part of a marketing/public relations campaign, use the first comment box to describe the scope of the campaign including information on the types of supporting materials planned. Provide “Additional Comments” as needed.
  • Check to indicate that the advertisement has been approved by the appropriate vice president, provost, dean, or director.
  • Select the “Type of Advertisement” you would like to submit:
    • Print – Newspapers, magazines, and journals
    • Web – Advertisements on websites and in other digital media
    • Radio 
    • Television
    • Billboard
    • Transit – Bus, train, or other type of transit advertising
    • Other

      Note: You will have the opportunity to list multiple placements for the same advertisement. For example, if you are placing the same advertisement in two different print media outlets (e.g., Star-Ledger, Time magazine), you only need to complete one form and upload one PDF.

      If you are placing a different type of advertisement in a different type of media (e.g., web, radio), you will be able to create another form and upload another PDF.
  • Select “Submit.”

Entering Your Advertisment

A request form will be displayed based on the “Type of Advertisement” you have selected (e.g., print, web, television).

  • Enter the “Name of the Media Outlet” and the “Cost of Advertisement Space” for your first media outlet.
  • Enter an “Advertisement Insertion Date” for each date your advertisement will run. This must be a future date. If you need to enter more than four dates, click on the plus sign and add as many insertion dates as needed.
  • Enter the “Date Approval Is Needed.” This must be a future date. We strongly suggest that you give yourself as much lead time as possible for review, with a mimimum of five business days before your advertisement insertion date.
  • Fill out the required specialty fields based on the “Type of Advertisement” you selected.

Specialty Fields


  • Width and height in inches
  • Print frequency
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Annually
    • Other
  • Print placement/location (e.g., cover, back cover, special section)


  • Width and height in pixels
  • Type of web advertisement
  • Web placement/location (e.g., home page, secondary-level page, rotating, other)


  • Advertisement duration in minutes and seconds
  • Program
  • Time slot


  • Advertisement duration in minutes and seconds
  • Program
  • Time slot


  • Width and height in feet
  • Location (e.g., street, city)
  • Advertisement duration


  • Type of transit advertisement
    • Bus Wrap
    • Bus Shelter
    • Bus Poster
    • Bus Card
    • Train Poster
    • Other
  • Company/line
  • Route
  • Width and height in feet
  • Location (e.g., inside, outside, or train platform)


  • Description
  • Location (e.g., street, city)
  • Width and height in feet
  • Advertisement Duration

When you have entered the information, you will have two choices, “Save and Add Another Media Outlet” or “Save and Complete Request.”

Selecting “Save and Add Another Media Outlet” for the Same Advertisement

  • If you select “Save and Add Another Media Outlet” you will be presented with a blank  “Advertisement” screen where you can add your second media outlet. You can repeat this process by selecting “Save and Add Another Media Outlet” until you have included all media outlets. Then complete the process by selecting “Save and Complete Request.”

Selecting “Save and Complete Request”

  • If you select “Save and Complete Request,” you will be presented with the “Advertisement Upload” screen. Through the “Browse” or “Choose File” button, you can select a PDF of your advertisement. If you don’t have a PDF, indicate this in the “Comments” box and explain how the file will be submitted for review. (The physical mailing address is located on the screen for reference.)

    Note: The five business day review process begins when the file is received by Strategic Communications; therefore, it is a good idea to have the file ready to send when you submit your request.

    Upload your PDF or enter your comments, then select “Submit.”

Confirmation Information and Receipt

  • The “Confirmation Information” screen will appear with your contact information, advertisement details, and media outlet information. Review the screen contents. If you need to change anything, select the “Edit” button next to the pertinent section, and make the revision. When you have completed your changes on that screen, select “Submit” and you will go back to the “Confirmation Information” screen. Continue this process until you have made all the necessary changes. When you are done, select “Confirm.”

  • Now that you have confirmed your choice, you will see the “Confirmation Receipt” screen that lists the information from the prior screen and your reference number. You may print this page for your records.

  • At the bottom of the “Confirmation Receipt” screen, you will have two choices:

Selecting "Log Out"

If you select “Log out,” you are done and will be taken back to the log in screen.

  • A confirmation email will be sent to you. It will contain your reference number, project information, and a link to the “My Advertisements” folder.

    • Sample Confirmation Email

Approvals and Revisions

You should receive a response from Strategic Communications regarding your submission within five business days.

If you must make any revisions to the advertisement, you can upload the new version through the “My Advertisements” link in your confirmation email. You don’t have to complete another Review Request Form.

Selecting “Create a New Review Request Form”

  • If you select “Create a New Review Request Form,” you will be taken to a blank advertisement information screen, where you can enter another advertisement. For example, if you submitted a print advertisement but now would like to submit a radio advertisement, use this option to begin the process again without logging out.

    Each time a new advertisement is entered you will receive a new reference number.

“My Advertisements” Folder

When you click on this link, you will be prompted to log in with your NetID. This folder will contain entries, sorted by reference number, for each advertisement you have submitted. It will also list any PDF files you have uploaded and provide the opportunity to:

  • “Upload New PDF” – Use this feature to submit an additional PDF for review.
  • “Add a New User” – Allows you to assign other NetID’s to an advertisement, granting other people permission to view and upload PDF files for that request.
  • View and download PDF files you have previously uploaded.

Sample “My Advertisements” Folder

Sample “My Advertisements” Folder