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What do I need to have ready before I start the Ad Review process?
Please be sure you know the target audience, goals, name of approver from the department and also have a pdf file of creative material to attach in order to submit the New Ad Review Form.

Why does my advertisement need to be reviewed by the Department of University Communications and Marketing?
The university advertising policy [PDF] requires this review to ensure that Rutgers, its campuses, and its units are presented to the public in a consistent, coherent manner, and that university resources are used effectively.

Does the review process apply to advertisements being placed in campus media?
No, the review process only applies to external advertising; however, it is helpful to know if your advertising plans include on-campus promotion in media outlets such as the Daily Targum, the Gleaner, the Observer, or RU-tv.

What will the person(s) reviewing the advertisement look for?
All advertisements must meet the standards set forth in the university's advertising policy, including proper identification of the university and its units, clear messages, and professional standards of quality in design and content. For a more detailed list of standards, see Section III of the university's advertising policy [PDF].

When should I submit my advertisement for review?
We recommend that you submit your new Ad Review Form as far in advance as possible. The advertisement and review form must be delivered at least five business days in advance of the deadline for submission.

How much time will it take to have my advertisement reviewed?
Approval or recommendations for revisions and/or placement will be issued within five business days from the time the advertisement is submitted for review. To expedite your request, complete the new Ad Review Form as far in advance as possible.

What if I am placing the same version of an advertisement in multiple media outlets of the same type (e.g., print, television)?
The new Ad Review Form allows you to list multiple placements for the same ad. For example, if you are placing the same advertisement in two different print media outlets you only need to submit one form, and upload one PDF sample of the advertisement.

What if an outside agency or designer creates my advertisement?
Ads created and/or placed by outside agencies are also subject to the university's advertising policy [PDF]. Be sure to let the outside agency or designer know that you will need time in the production schedule to facilitate this process.

What should I do if I need preapproval of an ad contract before creative material is ready?
Contact the office of University Brand and Marketing to request preapproval authorization.

Who can I contact if I have questions?
If you have a question or need help with your advertising plans, contact April Coage at 848-932-0581.