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Review Request Form Checklist

Before you begin the online Review Request Form, you will need the following information:

  • Your NetID and contact information
  • Title of the advertisement
  • Target audience
  • Goals of the advertisement
  • Impressions
  • Designated Market Areas (DMA's)
  • If you are planning a marketing campaign, include a description of the scope of the campaign and the types of support materials that are planned (e.g., brochures, flyers, CDs, posters)
  • Approval by the appropriate vice president, provost, dean, or director
  • Type(s) of advertisement you are submitting for review:
    • Print
    • Web
    • Radio
    • Television
    • Billboard
    • Transit
    • Other
  • Name(s) of the media outlet(s) you will be using (e.g., Star-Ledger, Forbes magazine, WCTC, etc.)
  • Cost of the advertisement space for each media outlet
  • Advertisement insertion date(s)
  • Date you need an approval. We strongly suggest that you give yourself as much lead time as possible for review, with a minimum of five business days before your advertisement insertion date.
  • A PDF of the radio script, television storyboard, or ad you want reviewed. Note: The system only accepts PDF files. If you don't have a PDF, you will need to submit the file via email, mail, fax, etc. To expedite the process, it's a good idea to have the file ready to send as soon as you submit your request.
  • Any unique specifications for your type of advertisement:


    • Width and height in inches
    • Print frequency
      • Daily
      • Weekly
      • Monthly
      • Quarterly
      • Annually
      • Other
    • Print placement/location (e.g., cover, back cover, special section)

  • Web

    • Width and height in pixels
    • Type of web advertisement
    • Web placement/location (e.g., home page, secondary-level page, rotating, other)


    • Advertisement duration in minutes and seconds
    • Program
    • Time slot


    • Advertisement duration in minutes and seconds
    • Program
    • Time slot


    • Width and height in feet
    • Location (e.g., street, city)
    • Advertisement duration


    • Width and height in feet
    • Type of transit advertisement
    • Advertisement duration
    • Location (e.g., inside, outside, or train platform)
    • Company/line
    • Route


    • Description
    • Location (e.g., street, city)
    • Width and hight in feet
    • Advertisement duration